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So, who am I?
To answer that, here are the Top 7 facts I can think of off the top of my head:

  • I’m currently 19 (going on 20) and on my third year of college. I study Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in the Philippines’ State U; but sometimes, I wish the initials stood for Modelling and Body Building instead.
  • I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of reading books or of eating food, although I have a tendency to forget the latter when immersed in the former.
  • Re: reading – At this point, I don’t know which I like better: eBooks or paper. I definitely appreciate E-ink and the lightness of my Kobo reader, but there’s something so..cozy about turning actual pages of an actual book while curled up in a couch with my favorite mug of hot chocolate mixed with peppermint tea.
  • I’d like to have ‘bigger’ eyes or longer, curled lashes, but generally dislike any body-altering surgeries. Unless, of course, it involves hair removal.
  • I don’t have and never had my own room.
  • I’m all about lists, the number 7, shades of violet, choco-mint (or mint alone) flavors, and cheese. Not all-together, please.
  • I love love LOVE forensics, and I do hope I’d get to study it and get a job involving it someday. I’m pretty hazy on the particulars right now,  but I think it should involve a scholarship, which means improving my grades, which means.. *croo croo* Well, I just hope that’s what God/the universe has planned for me.

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A college girl not just trying to survive, but to live. Well, survive, mostly.

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