Sloppy Firsts

Yes this is the title of the first of Megan McCafferty’s (hope I spelled┬áthat┬áright) books about a certain Jessica Darling. I thought it would be appropriate since I have a friend who posted something really angst-y because she was apparently under the influence of the book, and her post (and our talk after) inspired me to take another stab at blogging. But I’d really like to keep this blog, even if I don’t blog in it that often. I’m more of a twitter person myself, since nothing much is going on in my life at the moment, and most probably my first posts here would be about the mundane life of a molecular biology and biotechnology student. (I guess given that I’m from the Philippines, that already gives you a clue where I study huh?)

One thing I’ve noticed about me, well 2 actually, is that 1) I tend to have a very short attention span; meaning I’d probably shift from one topic to another in the course of one blog post (this makes it very hard for me to come up with a title that actually says what the post’s about), and 2) I’m quite OC when it comes to spelling and grammar and shizz, but I still make LOTS or run-on sentences and I won’t bother rereading my posts (except to scan for the occasional misspells) since rereading the entire thing will just make me edit my own post and will therefore defeat one of the purposes of my blogging–to speak/type my thoughts as they are. Believe me when I say I can already think of a couple of ways to rewrite what I just wrote, with a lot less run-on sentences. And you know what? While writing the past sentences, I realized something else. I like putting stuff inside parentheses since I’m always paranoid that the reader might not understand what I’m pertaining to, due to the run-on nature of my sentences.

As if someone will read my blog. Don’t get me wrong, if someone does read it I think it will give them a headache, but then my blog’s just one of the millions out there, and a much less interesting one at that. I think I’ll be the one reading this blog, which will not be in the near future.

Let me see, what’s up with my life now.. well aside from starting this blog, I totally pigged out this long weekend. See, today ( Tuesday, August 21, 2012) is the last day of our long weekend and I basically relaxed almost the entire time. I have a Biology laboratory exam on Thursday which I really haven’t studied for–and apparently 2 of my plates are missing!–and I’m blogging right now instead of studying. Currently my group mates in Physics are pelting me with questions about computations regarding our latest experiment, which I know nothing about! I’ve got no idea why they’re asking me, when I’m the only one who has not yet solved anything. Anyway, back to the pigging out. Friday (last week) night after my Chemistry laboratory midterms, we my family and I ate at Roberta’s Flavors of Asia (it’s at Maginhawa, located near my school. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now.) Needless to say, we ate a LOT. Then Saturday after my Chemistry lecture long exam we ate at Casa Filipino (off Scout Torillo (sp?)) with aunts, uncles, and cousins; treat of my cousin who’s in the seminary because he has apparently ‘leveled up’. Then yesterday..hmm, I’m not sure. But today I really ate so much!! For breakfast I had 2 slices of white bread and I cooked cheese omelette; for lunch I had fish steak (I forgot what kind) and a 1 cup of rice; for snacks I made a banana shake (2 long bananas, no pun intended; 2 teaspoonfuls of Skippy peanut butter; 4 teaspoonfuls of condensada); for dinner another cup of rice with fish again. Diet gone to the trash =_=

I can’t think of anything to blog anymore since my mom’s threatening to turn the wifi off, since I won’t listen to her about sleeping early. I mean really, I know why she should care about my sleep, but what does she care that I prefer to study at home and sleep in school? I’ve got nothing better to do their anyway, since we have a ‘free day’ for Chem. laboratory.

Toodle-loo. *sarcastic*
Signing off,

PS: 7 asterisks (*******)=Star burst. “Now you know.” (in PacMan voice).


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