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Strangers in the Afternoon

Warning: this post may irk you. But if you manage to convince yourself that this is worth reading, please do so. This is about boys though, among other things.

I’m no extraordinary beauty; there’s nothing truly remarkable in my appearance. Nevertheless, I’ve been compared to different local actresses and have been on the receiving ends of guys’ appreciative looks. However, when I had my hair cut really short during college, all these vanished. Gone were the seats vacated at the bus and offered to me; gone were the near accidents that some guys almost met upon taking the chance to take a second look. I truly was able to relate to Robin’s sentiments when (spoiler alert!) she seemed invisible to other guys whenever she was wearing Barney’s engagement ring.

I figured it was because I looked younger with short hair, which I did. My mom was ecstatic at the first short haircut, saying that I finally looked my age, but got increasingly distressed over the future, much shorter haircuts. But with the nearing of graduation-photo-season, I decided it was high time I grew my hair. With a final asymmetrical bob last.. August, I think? I prepared myself for weird hair lengths I’d predictably have to suffer through.

After a couple of months, the things I got used to being absent started popping up again. It was just looks at first, until the other day. I was hanging out at Tropical Hut waiting for my mom to pick me up, when a guy asked for my name and number. I won’t deny it: it was gratifying. What’s more, he looked good and seemed to be working already; he also seemed respectful. He even waited for me to start and finish the tall glass of  maize con hielo I ordered before excusing himself to talk to me!

I just found this amusing because just the other day, an acquaintance of mine was telling me how he got to hang out with a girl for an afternoon (and recently accepted his friend request on Facebook). He was at one of the university’s cafeterias and only a couple of tables were occupied. He noticed a girl he’s seen several times before and decided to take a risk: he approached her and said, non-verbatim, “Miss, can I sit here at your table? See, it can be very lonely to eat by one’s self. ” and it paid off, albeit temporarily.

Onto other strangers. I claimed my 2-week pass at Fitness First (a popular gym here in the Philippines) and started today. To sum it up in 140 chars, let me post a collage of my tweet & the pic:

FF = Fitness Forever! The tweet says it all. (Photo courtesy of my new phone)
FF = Fitness Forever! The tweet says it all.
(Photo courtesy of my new phone)

And I was able to enlist the help of a couple of strangers in figuring out things. One of the attendants (or was she a trainer?) even offered to help me out with my workout regimen, but then I was bent on attending a class, in which I can say with complete honesty that I got my money’s worth. Note that I was able to buy this 2-week unlimited use of facilities pass for only roughly 770 PhP  (17 USD).

Last, but definitely not the least (!!) I was on the way home, commuting and being a good girl, texting my mom updates on my whereabouts along the way. I have settled into the jeep I was riding which would take me to my street, really settled with the hunk beside me sneaking glances. I don’t presume to think it was me he was glancing at, but I’d like to think so.. 😉 and when I say ‘hunk’, I meant that he was well-muscled and toned: he actually reminded me of a more defined Asian version of Seeley Booth from Bones. He also looked like he already works and his muscles seemed like occupational markers, not ones those people at FF earlier today were trying to get. Anyway, I was enjoying sitting beside him when I suddenly saw our car on the other side of the road! Apparently my mom was still in one of her offices and, deciding against my hormones, I got out of the jeep and went to my mom. Turns out there was a short circuit that caused a small lick of flame and a lot of smoke. I then accompanied my mom home on another jeep. I tell you, I wouldn’t mind giving my number to that man (I think he’s past the point of being called a boy) if he ever asked for it.

Of course, I’m joking.. Or am I? 😉

PS: On an entirely different topic, I just finished Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison! Rachel, the main character, has spunk and quirks that will make you both love her and be exasperated by her, but you should definitely try this if you’re into fantasy, mystery, and action. (Count adventure in since you’re delving into a whole new world.) I believe that adds a new book to my 2014 list! 21 to go 🙂

“Hey, Mum, guess what? Guess who we just met on the train?”
Harry leant back quickly so they wouldn’t see him looking. “You know that black-haired boy who was near use in the station? Know who he is?”
“Harry Potter!”
Harry heard the little girl’s voice.
“Oh, Mum, can I go on the train and see him, Mum, oh please..”
–excerpt from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’ Stone


Obligatory Post for the New Year (2014)

This photo captures not just the new year, but the name of my blog’s new theme. Inspired, right? :))

Different posts have been popping up on Twitter and leaking onto Facebook (and vice versa) recently, among which include the “Give me a number and I’ll write you a message without anyone knowing” and the “List 10 books that have touched you; tag me and 9 other friends”. While I was irked that my Twitter/FB feed was flooded (and I didn’t want to start unfollowing and unfriending people left and right since I knew this trend would pass, as others did), I did answer the latter with a post of my own. Here are the 10 books I listed (along with the original instructions of the post):

Don’t take more than a few minutes and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the ‘right’ or ‘great’ works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag 10 friends, including me, so I’ll see your list.

1. Poison (Chris Wooding)
2. Ender series (1-7) (Orson Scott Card)
3. Solitaire Mystery (Jostein Gaardner)
4. Harry Potter series (JK Rowling)
5. Thirteen Reasons Why (Jay Asher)
6. Adorkable (Sarra Manning)
7. The Fault in Our Stars (John Green)
8. Elsewhere (Gabrielle Zevin)
9. Why We Broke Up (Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket)
10. Brida (Paulo Coelho)

I was reluctant to answer this at first because I thought that it would be really hard to choose among the hundreds of books that I’ve already read. However, once I actually followed the instruction, it wasn’t hard at all! Well, except for the bit where you try to remember the actual book titles and their authors.

And since it’s the New Year, resolutions have been cropping up all over the place as well! I myself haven’t really been able to keep my resolutions (in fact, I didn’t even write a letter and then burn it. I used to do that the past years) because I either forgot them over time or felt that sticking to them wasn’t that necessary. So I’m just going to set goals for myself this year. By the end of 2014, I should:

  • Weigh less than 120 lbs and have been maintaining it for at least 3 weeks.
  • Have taken (and completed) at least 1 Tribesports challenge every month. (almost 1 down: Day 5/7 done – 10 proper push-ups every day!)
  • Have ran/jogged at least twice a week, for every week that there is school.
  • Read at least 23 new books. (1 down: City of Secrets by Mary Hoffman.)

This may seem like a really short list (which it is), but I think it’s 100% attainable given my limitations. Oh, and since I/you/we have a whole new year to look forward to, I figure that it’s high time to change the way I’ve been ending my posts. I recently chose to relive my ‘childhood’ by rereading the Harry Potter series (I have, in fact, finished the first 2 books already and well into the 3rd); and thus, I shall end all my posts from a quote in the series.
And what better way to start the year than with a bang?

“STOP! I FORBID YOU!” yelled Uncle Vernon in panic.
Aunt Petunia gave a gasp of horror.
“Ah, go boil yer heads, both of yeh,” said Hagrid.
“Harry — yer a wizard.”
–excerpt from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Common Names and Personal Bests

Merry Christmas everyone! With barely half an hour left (in my country, at least) before the 25th is over, I will share to you things that both befuddle me, amuse me, and make me proud. 🙂 so to jumpstart the Christmas feelings in this post:

My mom forgot to buy cash envelopes so she asked me to make some. I hope you got a couple of them, like I did 😉

Let’s start with Personal Bests.
My last post was about (re)discovering the joy of running. Since then, I have made an effort to jog every other day, a chain that was broken by today (although I did jog last Sunday & Monday). If you don’t know yet, I just started this last December 16, in an effort to jumpstart my way into fitness and not seem like a complete unfit snail compared to my HS-BFF-cum-running-veteran friend, rainbowraid. I’ve always thought of myself as a sprinter kind of runner, which was why it was no surprise that I found it hard to run 2.2 km straight on the first try. Since then though, I’d like to think I’ve improved 🙂 here are some of the recent achievements I’m proud of:
Longest continuous run3.95 km in 20’24”; average pace: 5’10” per km.
Fastest 3k18’55”.
Fastest 1k4’59”.
Sprint record0.22 km in 43 SECONDS; average pace: 3’19” per km.
As evident by the ALL CAPS, I’m most specially proud of the sprint record because it’s apparently fast (faster than a 6-minute mile) and the time it took me to run that 220 m is ‘just’ twice the world record for women (21.34 sec, Florence Griffith). Considering I haven’t been physically active in months, this just makes me proud.

Onto Common Names.
For this to make sense, you have to keep in mind that one of my preferred nicknames is “Ana”. What a really common name, right? Although it may be typically spelled as “Anna”, you’d think that my cousins and other relatives won’t find it hard to remember that my name only has a single ‘n’. But no.
I don’t know how to feel about this year’s Christmas haul, besides thankful of course. While I’m touched that almost everything non-monetary I received was in shades of violet, I can’t help but wonder how they seem to know my favorite color yet can’t remember my name properly. So here are the gifts addressed to “Ana”, “Anna”, and.. “Anne”:

  • Violet umbrella
  • Violet/purple Lacoste sling bag
  • Purple Kipling purse
  • Dark violet Kipling wallet
  • Dress with purple patterns
  • All-white bag
  • Lots of moolah \:D/

Oh, and my doctor cousin suddenly asked us out of nowhere who wants a pair of contact lenses. When she said they were green, I was like THAT’S MINE and I got it!! (Yeah, I’m one of those girls who wants to go for the fair-skinned, auburn/red hair with green eyes look.) All in all, I’d say it was an awesome haul.

I’d envisioned a brighter green but since my eyes are dark brown, here goes. At least the lenses are free 😉

Last but not the least, my sister and I weighed ourselves today. While I’m truly happy for her weight loss, which is already a whopping 10+ lbs in the last few weeks, I can’t help but be alarmed and frustrated at the same time by the fact that our weights only differ by 6 lbs now! I’ve been maintaining (w/ or without effort) my weight ever since getting out of high school, so imagine my frustration when my sister (who, by the way, used to be the slimmest of us 3 and at one point became the fattest) goes off and sheds weight like it’s tattered clothing while I run and eat moderately and nothing happens. Of course this may just be attributed to her on-the-job training at a local buffet restaurant, but this is really weird considering she didn’t lose any weight despite joining a gym for 2 months or so a couple of months back. Definitely befuddled and having mixed feelings about this one.

Over and out,


P.S. I don’t know why but whenever I find it hard to put on contact lenses, I find it easy to take them off and vice versa. Why is it never both easy? :\

The New High

Running..on water? Whatever the effects, I wish I’d have this girl’s fit figure someday.

I’ll make this post short 🙂 well, relatively.

So this weekend, I was finally able to hang out (the 2nd/3rd/4th time since we entered high school) with my high school BFF, rainbowraid (oh, this is her WordPress account). Some things never change, like how we interact and how we never seem to run out of topics, but maybe that’s just because we haven’t seen each other in ages? We keep each other posted more or less on Facebook though. Anyway, one of the things that did change, and drastically, was her weight. 20 lbs or so over a year isn’t drastic if you think about it, but I feel like when I saw her, she was skin and bones compared to the last mental image I formed of her. *astounded* I was both proud and at the same time concerned: proud because she was able to motivate herself to lose so much and concerned because she still thinks she needs to lose weight! I’m also proud because she has made running a hobby 🙂 So there we were, talking and walking, fat me and skinny her, and we talked about jogging in my campus (since it’s an environment so much more conducive to running than the claustrophobia-inducing smoke-infested buildings of her campus, #nooffense). We set up a jog date on Wednesday, on which I also plan to tour her in my institute.

Note that this girl is so disciplined (I’m so glad this is my blog because if I’m mentioning these things to her, she’d be outright denying them) that she’s able to maintain an active social life outside school and maintain decent grades. She’s not the most stellar student, grades-wise, but one shouldn’t let numbers define him or her! She’s quite active in her church and even plays tennis/badminton from time to time, as well as actively joins fun runs. She also survives demanding diets too, like the 7-day diet wherein you just eat a specific food group per day (Btw, I’d totally survive that too if I didn’t have to prepare all my meals by myself. I go to school everyday man -_- just saying.) She’s quite the veteran on the running front, able to run a 10k in 40+ minutes. This is, of course, quite daunting to someone like me who’s never had much physical activity over the past couple of months, counting out walking to buildings and walking during lab class. I was, for all intents and purposes, a certified couch potato (but not because of the TV, thank goodness, but because I study there). So last night, while watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries up until 3 am, I stumbled upon this article:

So the main points of the article are:
1) Running works even when you’re at rest (stimulates more ‘afterburn’ than low-intensity exercises)
2) Running is time efficient (being able to run the same distance with a shorter amount of time)
3) Running is convenient (it just needs you in your shoes. Or if you want, you in bare feet.)
4) Two words: Runner’s high.
           “The first rule of exercising for weight loss is that if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick with it. Fortunately, studies support what many runners have experienced on an anecdotal level–running can actually get you high. Scientists have found links between moderate to intense exercise and morphine-like brain chemicals called endocannabinoids, which suggest endorphins alone aren’t responsible for the occasional flood of euphoria that rushes over you during a hard run. That floaty, happy sensation you had after your last race–makes you want to go for another run, right?”

The last one, I personally experienced today. I went to school an hour early and jogged out to our academic oval and went 2 rounds around the 2.2 km-long oval before going back to my institute. The record’s pretty crappy compared to my friend, but considering my unfit-ness, I’m very very very proud of it. x) Here goes (copied from my Nike+ Fitness record in my iPod Nano):

Basic Workout
Duration: 48 ‘ 22″
Start time: 8:18 am
End time: 9:10 am
Pace: 9 ‘ 55 ” / km
Distance: 4.87 km
Calories: 318

The last time I ran a 5k (during my institute’s nth anniversary) I ran it for 40+ minutes as well, which means I’m pretty consistent since I was also physically inactive before that run. Otherwise, everything seems good 🙂 if I’m able to keep this up during the Christmas break, hopefully I’ll be running 5ks in 20 minutes in no time.

But still, baby steps right? 😉

Over and out,