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As Luck Would Have It

The four-leaf clover. Stuff of legends, this one is.

A day before our college-wide carolfest (and also the day of an exam and a ‘learning center activity’ worth ~20% and ~7.5% of my grade in those subjects, respectively), all my majors’ subjects were cancelled due to an ongoing seminar held by the Philippine Society of Molecular Biology (something like that), which my professors and selected senior students had to attend. So basically, I just had one class (4-5:30 pm) and choir rehearsals afterwards. The night before, we had a very unsuccessful rehearsal due to the lack of people present; we couldn’t get our dynamics right and a lot of people weren’t able to remember their tunes. This happening two days before the competition, in my entire choir history, was unspeakable and unacceptable; thus, we finished the night in a glum mood. Despite wanting to practice, I also couldn’t stay late tonight due to my exams. So my plans for the next night & day were:

  • Study (not just read) Chapter 2 of From Genes to Genomes (FGtG)
  • Wake up early and go to school, as usual; but stay at the library the whole day, save for lunch time
  • Attend my class at 4-5:30 pm, and afterwards, my choir rehearsal at 5:30-7 pm.

When I went home, I just crashed on the couch because I felt tired. I didn’t plan to sleep; in fact, I couldn’t sleep for nearly an hour before I did. I wasn’t able to change out of my clothes (nor wash my face, brush my teeth, the whole enchilada) since I didn’t even plan on sleeping in the first place. This was alright in the long run though, as it will hopefully help in my recovery from colds that I am currently afflicted with. But then, the universe/God decided to have a field day with me.

When I woke up and was perusing through my clothes, I decided to wear a skirt. I used a newly-bought razor to shave my legs and did so while taking a bath. For the first time ever in my history of shaving (which I do in between waxes), I got nicked, and so many times! In fact, I ended up with 3 small ones (as big as ‘.’) and 6 big ones so much for flawless legs. The wounds were the kind that were shallow but kept bleeding, so I had to hunt for some Band-aids and Bactroban (an antibacterial ointment; works nicely on wounds). Since I was running late because I was too busy stopping the bleeding, I decided to go with what I initially planned to wear; I thought that the bleeding would stop and the wounds be relatively unnoticeable in an hour. Well, I apparently had another think coming.

Before getting in the car, my grandmother made a remark to me about not getting a hot beverage whenever she’s heated up some water, but looking for some when there weren’t any. So to pacify her, I filled a mug 2/3 of the way..only to realize, once I was in the car and we have sped away, that I didn’t have any of my morning cocoa with me. #facepalm right? So I offered my sister a drink from my jug and transferred the hot water there instead. Next, when I was putting my ‘face base’ (which is a lavender-tinged moisturizer of sorts), a couple of drops landed on my dark navy blue shirt! Talk about disaster! I tried washing them away but they wouldn’t completely fade, so I just decided to ‘paint’ on a design of stitches (more on this later). I was really frustrated at this point because my wounds were still bleeding, my legs looked butchered, and my shirt was a mess. I was even starting to sweat, which rarely happened with our car’s AC. All these within the first 2 hours of the day. 😦

By this time, we were nearing the mall where I was supposed to be dropped off, since it has a jeep terminal which would have made my commuting easier. Driven by frustration, I decided to tell my mom that I’ll just go down at her office and commute from there, even though the commuting would be loads harder. I relayed my frustrations to her and she wasn’t..much help really, but she couldn’t be blamed. I even told her I wanted to cry because everything was going downhill. I possibly couldn’t be in the right mind to study with all the pent-up frustration! But when my mom left me (because she was going to be late; she waited for me for a couple of seconds), that’s when I really broke down.

I’ve never had a day like this before. I’ve experienced days when I’ve had to cram everything due that day, be it various requirements or tests and quizzes, but they have never given me such frustration. I guess it was all the little things together that just convinced me that today was doomsday, figuratively. But after crying it out (which, as Violet said, can be a really great stress-relieving habit), I composed myself and put what few Band-aids I had on the bigger wounds on my legs. I then went up to my mom’s office and told myself that I could study there even if her office-mates were noisy (I swear, it’s like a market up there. I remember asking her once how the heck she manages to get things done.)

Maybe now, my ‘luck’ would change. Once in my mom’s office, she told me that my stitch designs looked ghastly and insisted on my removing them, which I did with her soap and dried them using paper. It worked, even though it felt really cold for a couple of hours. Then, I set-up on her table and started reading FGtG. After a while, I accompanied her to buy extra food from the canteen, extra Band-aids from their in-house shop, and snacks for what I foresaw as a long night due to things I still haven’t studied. We bought pineapple slices and pork liver steak, too. 🙂 Then, their 3 pm snack time rolled around. Usually, they buy raw ingredients and just cook different foods themselves; but today, one of them treated the whole office to 4 boxes of Shakeys’ pizza! Ah, what a feast for the palette.

Afterwards, I arrived at school earlier than usual and even got to chat with my group mates and teacher. Then I went to practice, in which we fine-tuned our transitions, choreography, and mostly got everything correct. On our way home, we met up with my uncle who got a call past 8 pm; apparently, a water pipe broke/burst and the water supply was going to be turned off at 9pm! My mom and I hurried home and went about filling drums and pails. The water was turned off at 10pm.

Just starting to study now. I hope that God will guide me throughout the night, and that He, or the universe, won’t deal me any more mishaps. I also hope that I’ll still have my voice for tomorrow, even if sleep-deprived.



P.S.: It’s my first time writing a blog post throughout the day. I guess it’s really different when you write about what happened a mere couple (2-4) of hours after that thing happened; the emotions are still fresh, as well as the details. 8) Such a long post though.


Good Stuff Just Keep Happening

In this post, the title’s meant to be taken literally and sarcastically. See, I really couldn’t think of an appropriate title that will encompass all that I plan to write (yes, this will be a long post because I haven’t updated in a long time); but then I thought about a lot of good things that have happened to me in the past few weeks, along with some bad ones–and the title was ‘born’.

To begin, I’ve recently grown fond of lists, as they help me keep track of stuff I still need to do/buy/whatever, which is why I’m going to make a list to help keep this post from being insanely long. Where to start..

i. Got new clothes during the semestral break! Admittedly some of the stuff I bought were what many people would call ‘wardrobe staples’, really simple pieces that you can mix and match with your existent clothing, or wear by themselves. Ironic since I was able to buy much of what I needed even if I didn’t make a list, which I’ve done the past times (in which I wasn’t able to buy much on the list).

ii. My mom finally agreed to buy me an ebook reader! I bought a Kobo Touch Ereader:
and I’m really happy with it! I haven’t had the chance to learn how to use Adobe Digital Editions to put books in my Kobo but then there’s a microSD card slot, so no worries. I recently just saw the reviews about how it’s a pretty good rival to the Kindle and luckily, I saw someone in the Phils. who was selling it! (Backstory: Seller’s mom bought her and her sister 2 units last month in Canada, but they wanted tablets. Don’t know about her sister but she’s a graphic designer so it’s totally understandable why she wants a tablet.) They were selling the unit with accesories: a Belkin transport sleeve (~25 USD) and a Targus screen protector (~20 USD) for 6000 Php! To sweeten the deal further, her mom threw in an 8GB microSD card. (8GB is a lot, considering I’ll be using them for .jpeg, .pdf, .epub, files and other similar types.)
By the way, I just finished reading Out of Time by Monique Martin. It’s one of the free ebooks I got from the Kobo Store. It’s a really great read! I highly recommend it, and it’s part of a trilogy by the way. 🙂

iii. Got a haircut today! Tried getting one at Tony and Jackey’s with my eldest sister at their branch in Tomas Morato. Turned out quite well, I should say. A lot was cut from my hair due to the layers, but otherwise the change isn’t that noticeable since the hair stylist (Mr. Seo-Jung) shaped it because I told him I wanted my hair to grow out beautifully, as that’s what I was planning to do. Plus my hair was quite short to begin with. Still, the cut cost 500 Php, which is 250 Php less than my usual hair cut at Salon de Manila (at their Bellagio Square Branch, Tomas Morato.) I’m not entirely sure I believe it when my sisters say the side-swept bangs suit me, but they’ve been really insistent.

iv. I must say another good thing is that I feel quite motivated for school! Only it’s like a selective sort of motivated: I feel more up to it to do requirements whose due dates are still far off, and I end up feeling lazy about doing the ones that are due one to two days from now. Proof: I’m writing this because I don’t feel like doing our HW on databases due on Wednesday. *sigh* Don’t know what’s wrong with me, but overall I’ve never felt this diligent before–ever since I started college! *wicked smile* Hope this lasts long….

v. I plan to join the university-wide carolfest this year (I hope our college wins!) and I’ve quite mastered the 2 songs that are really needed. Yay! I’m quite assured I’ll be one of the ‘chosen ones’ because the pool for altos is quite small, and I’m not bragging when I say I make sure I do my part really well. I still need to practice them though, and there’s a really dark cloud in this horizon (see BAD THINGS iv.)

So that’s it, I think. Now for the bad stuff, mostly revolving around the subtitle “When Vanity Strikes”:

i. I’ve grown fatter over the semestral break. Like a lot. D: I’ve been pigging out and it has to stop! Also, I’ve a limited number of pants and I just can’t have them not fitting my waist! Which comes to the next point:

ii. Even though I’ve bought a couple of pants, I still need more. The things is, this semester I have a couple of laboratory classes in which we’re required to wear pants as part of the Prescribed Protective Equipment (PPE), even though we also wear lab. gowns in those classes. Which means 3 out of 4 times a week, I have to wear full pants. And I think I only have around..10? Or less. WHOA 😐

iii. If there’s such a thing as growing uglier, I think I’m experiencing it. Or maybe I’m just typing it because I am again overwhelmed by what face looks like when I have my period: basically riddled with pimples and blemishes. Since I have keloidal skin (meaning my skin’s prone to forming scars), pimple scars and other blemishes show on my relatively fair skin like neon glow sticks in the dark. Even if I cover them with powder, which gets melted away by the end of the day due to the heat here in the Philippines even though it’s supposed to be rainy at this time of the year. OR AT LEAST COLD! When’s nature’s aircon going to turn on?

iv. Dark cloud in my singing horizon: I still don’t know (at all) the alto part of the song that we are going to sing for the college-wide carolfest! It’s the official contest piece and since we’re the college’s representatives to the university-wide carolfest, we’re going to sing this as an intermission number on the actual contest. Don’t know how I’m going to cram this. Wish me luck!! @-\

Signing off,


PS: There! Accomplishment! ~1040 words is a really sane length (compared to my other posts), don’t you think? 😉

Because I’m Just Plain Boring and Not Adorkable

It’s one of those firsts. In all of the times I’ve written blog posts on different accounts, this is the first time that I won’t be putting in the title first. Because frankly, I don’t know what to call this post. Let’s just see what I have to type.

But, first of all, I’d really like to greet my mom a HAPPY HAPPY 51st BIRTHDAY!! Love you mom! I still think it’s really cool how we’re both the youngest children in our families and how the difference in her and my grandma’s age is 18, same as the difference with my age and hers.

Okay, so back to business. As usual, I’m just typing off of the top of my head, so let me start by the books I’ve read. Yesterday, which I deemed my rest day, I finished 2 books both by Sarra Manning, Adorkable and Unsticky. Both are YA/A books, which means Young Adult and Adult respectively, although I also read Diary of a Crush Book 1: French Kiss, which is a teen book I think (also by her). If you’ve never heard of her, which was the case around a week ago, I HIGHLY recommend that you give her book a twirl! As one of her fans said in a review, “She’s becoming one of my favorite authors, fast.” For the past 3 days I’ve been trying to find links for more free ebooks (yes I know, as Jeane in Adorkable might say, I’m from the dark side with no respect for consumerism, if that sentiment’s right) and I just found 4. I’m reading Let’s Get Lost right now although I know I should really be studying for my Physics exam on Monday, which revolves around Chapters 6-10 of University Physics (Young and Freedman). Oh well. *hooray for lack of self-control*

Topic jump: So I was really inspired by Adorkable because it’s big on expressing yourself and loving your inner dork, which we all have even though we’re afraid of admitting it. So I’ve been thinking yet again about what I think about from time to time: reinventing myself. You see, my family’s just upper middle class and though it’s pretty much alright, times have come that I’ve been having some identity crisis clothes-wise. (As I’m typing these I’m thinking, how shallow can I get worrying about my lack of clothes that express who I really am when people around my country, as well as the world, are suffering from lack of food? But I really can’t do anything about them now. I’m sure I’ll be able to help plenty when I’ve graduated already, so bear with my shallowness for now.) I dream of losing weight (which I really plan to take seriously during the semester break! Cayenne pepper and lemon for detox as well as salads are on the top of my list; salt’s going to be out of the equation to decrease water retention; I plan on gym-ming everyday! The works.) and going to my mom whining about how none of my clothes don’t fit me anymore, prompting her to an impromptu shopping spree. But alas, life isn’t that awesome. Instead right now I’m getting fatter and I just read one of my close friends’ blog last night about how she plans on dieting for two weeks, avoiding whites (flour and sugar) and mainly living on rye bread and salads and organic stuff (browns basically), and it got me thinking why I’m wasting my body away. But times like last night are rare, since nowadays I’m so worried and too caught up in studying to even think about the consequences of eating too much food. I still notice it though, as well as the sad little fact that overeating makes my face break out. *stoic bummer face*

Yet another topic jump: can I just say that I’m really happy for Violet and her current boy? Even though it’s going to be harder for them to get together without any noise, if you get my drift, I’m really happy they’ve found each other. I guess what got me thinking this is because I’ve been kind of nostalgic myself, coming from a falling out with a jerk just last July. Still, we had our moments. I guess partly what brought this on as well is the blog post I read from a friend of mine last night, about her seemingly secret-and-not-so-reasonable (??) crush on a good friend of hers whom she’s always treated like a brother. If you’re reading this, dear friend, please reply to my texts and enlighten me as to what this matter is all about.

That’s all I can think about right now. I’ve been really downright boring lately, even to myself, and it’s like I’m this pit hole of numbness and I don’t know how to get out. I can’t even think of a post-script comment. It’s one of those times that I feel like I’m the least interesting person that exists out there, which prompts me to lose myself in the really pleasant world of books that I so love.

Signing off,


Sloppy Firsts

Yes this is the title of the first of Megan McCafferty’s (hope I spelled that right) books about a certain Jessica Darling. I thought it would be appropriate since I have a friend who posted something really angst-y because she was apparently under the influence of the book, and her post (and our talk after) inspired me to take another stab at blogging. But I’d really like to keep this blog, even if I don’t blog in it that often. I’m more of a twitter person myself, since nothing much is going on in my life at the moment, and most probably my first posts here would be about the mundane life of a molecular biology and biotechnology student. (I guess given that I’m from the Philippines, that already gives you a clue where I study huh?)

One thing I’ve noticed about me, well 2 actually, is that 1) I tend to have a very short attention span; meaning I’d probably shift from one topic to another in the course of one blog post (this makes it very hard for me to come up with a title that actually says what the post’s about), and 2) I’m quite OC when it comes to spelling and grammar and shizz, but I still make LOTS or run-on sentences and I won’t bother rereading my posts (except to scan for the occasional misspells) since rereading the entire thing will just make me edit my own post and will therefore defeat one of the purposes of my blogging–to speak/type my thoughts as they are. Believe me when I say I can already think of a couple of ways to rewrite what I just wrote, with a lot less run-on sentences. And you know what? While writing the past sentences, I realized something else. I like putting stuff inside parentheses since I’m always paranoid that the reader might not understand what I’m pertaining to, due to the run-on nature of my sentences.

As if someone will read my blog. Don’t get me wrong, if someone does read it I think it will give them a headache, but then my blog’s just one of the millions out there, and a much less interesting one at that. I think I’ll be the one reading this blog, which will not be in the near future.

Let me see, what’s up with my life now.. well aside from starting this blog, I totally pigged out this long weekend. See, today ( Tuesday, August 21, 2012) is the last day of our long weekend and I basically relaxed almost the entire time. I have a Biology laboratory exam on Thursday which I really haven’t studied for–and apparently 2 of my plates are missing!–and I’m blogging right now instead of studying. Currently my group mates in Physics are pelting me with questions about computations regarding our latest experiment, which I know nothing about! I’ve got no idea why they’re asking me, when I’m the only one who has not yet solved anything. Anyway, back to the pigging out. Friday (last week) night after my Chemistry laboratory midterms, we my family and I ate at Roberta’s Flavors of Asia (it’s at Maginhawa, located near my school. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now.) Needless to say, we ate a LOT. Then Saturday after my Chemistry lecture long exam we ate at Casa Filipino (off Scout Torillo (sp?)) with aunts, uncles, and cousins; treat of my cousin who’s in the seminary because he has apparently ‘leveled up’. Then yesterday..hmm, I’m not sure. But today I really ate so much!! For breakfast I had 2 slices of white bread and I cooked cheese omelette; for lunch I had fish steak (I forgot what kind) and a 1 cup of rice; for snacks I made a banana shake (2 long bananas, no pun intended; 2 teaspoonfuls of Skippy peanut butter; 4 teaspoonfuls of condensada); for dinner another cup of rice with fish again. Diet gone to the trash =_=

I can’t think of anything to blog anymore since my mom’s threatening to turn the wifi off, since I won’t listen to her about sleeping early. I mean really, I know why she should care about my sleep, but what does she care that I prefer to study at home and sleep in school? I’ve got nothing better to do their anyway, since we have a ‘free day’ for Chem. laboratory.

Toodle-loo. *sarcastic*
Signing off,

PS: 7 asterisks (*******)=Star burst. “Now you know.” (in PacMan voice).